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Shareware $10Shareware $10Shareware $10Shareware $10Shareware $10
This program can save a lot of time and nerves. What does it do? Not much; it just stays at the tray and remembers all Ctrl+C strokes. So, when you put anything onto the Clipboard, the previous contents are not lost. Just click on the icon and you will see the list of the clipboard contents that you can paste in the active window in any sequence. In this way it is possible to quickly move a lot of separate text pieces between windows, which is usually done in a number of operations. But this is not all. If you ACCIDENATLLY HIT cAPSLOCK, you do not have to retype, just select this text and choose the Caps <-> Normal (or use a predefined key, e.g. Shift+CapsLock). For quick paste Win plus digits are best.
It makes sense to include this program into the StartUp folder of the main menu.
Clipboard Pile
This program can save not only text but also images put onto the Clipboard, and all the clips are stored until you delete them, even if the system restarts. But hot keys are not so handily defined as in Textboard, and the two programs are not friends.


This useful software (mostly useful for non-English speakers though) can assign handy hot keys for switching the keyboard layout. It can also replace the language indicator with the country flag and other small things like correcting TWo initial caps.
Keyboard Ninja
This program is similar to PuntoSwitcher, but it is more stable and has some unique features, for example if you select an e-mail address and press Alt+NumLock, your mail client will start with a blank letter and the address at the To field. Other very useful features of this program are Autocorrect (similar to that of MS Word and Atlantis but it works in any text window — it is great if you do not like running spellcheckers), and Autocomplete, that is you type br and get Best regards, or type <a and get <A HREF=""></A> with the cursor inside the quotation marks (these are examples, but you will have to built your own autocomplete rules).


Cetus CWordPad
Many are irritated by WordPad which is part of Windows shipement, but you may often need it if you do not have MS Office installed because a lot of documents are in the doc and rtf format. In this case you can use this WordPad. It is smarter than the standard one and can also check spelling.
Shareware $27Shareware $27Shareware $27Shareware $27
This is a new text processor which is very promising. It is hardly going to replace MS Word because Microsoft is too aggressive promoting it and most users are too sluggish to look for something better, but in fact this editor is better and MS Word can only boast tables in front of it.
I, for one, have switched to Atlantis and run Word only when I need tables or very large texts that Atlantis cannot coep with. I also use Word when I need Russian spellcheck and macros. Atlantis does not have Russian spellcheck, but it has German, Spanish, French and many other spellchecks.
There are two versions of Atlantis. First, the fully functional commercial Atlantis Ocean Mind which costs $27. And free Atlantis Nova which is less functional. Both programs are fantastically small. The executable module takes just about 600КБ (contrast to Word: 3.5MB in version 7, 5MB in version 8. The work folder with all the frills takes about 3MB. As for free Atlantis Nova, it can easily fit into a floppy disk. Well, Atlantis Ocean Mind can be fit there too if you try.
The program has lots of useful and unique features. For example, magnifying glass and hand like in Acrobat Reader, built-in calculator, different code pages for parts of text. Formats DOC, RTF, WRI are supported. It is possible to use supercompact RTF — it takes very little though if opened with an old RTF editor the document may be displayed incorrectly. There is a unique autocorrect feature. It is not autoreplacement (though it is there too). This function tidies up poorly typed documents that have a lot of redundant spaces and other mess. It also replaces standard quotes with “curly” ones and hyphens with long dashes. In MS Word I used to do it manually, then using the find and replace feature, finally I wrote a macro but here this has been built in.
The program has a forum, where you can discuss everything related to it.
Also you can use Atlantis as an image viewer.
So, you should download this program, even if you are used to Word.


If you prefer regular books to electronic ones, here is a compromise solution: the program shows your e-book as a regular book on your screen. Turn the pages with the mouse and enjoy.
Book Reader
Very nice e-book reader. Though autoscroll is sometimes slow.
ICE Book Reader
Another nice reader. Autoscroll is glitchy too .
Helps you search for text in files. Handy thing.
Compares two text files and shows difference in a graphic way.


Actual Search & Replace
Sometimes you have to replace some text in many files. This is where you need this powerful program. Batch replace, multiline support, regular expressions. But it is not free, and not cheap either.
Advanced Find and Replace
Very similar software.
Advanced Replacer
Another simple software of this kind. Its unique feature is that you can view hypertext files within the program.
Advanced XReplacer
The interface of this program is unusual, but not too handy, it keeps hiding in the tray for some unknown reason and getting you with the nag register screens that make you feel like pressing Alt+D and typing something like altavista or something… anyway, the one that is stored in a box in Slovakia. Well. I am not ecstatic about it, but tastes differ.
Old software that is no longer developed, but it was built to last. It does not support multilne text.
Array Replacer
Batch multiline text replacement.
BK ReplaceEm
Similar to Advanced Replacer, can do multiline replacement as well but is absolutely free at that.
Handy File Find & Replace
Cute program but has some bugs.
This can just look for text as well as replace it. Multiline support.
InfoRapid Search & Replace
You can search and replace text in text and binary files. There are many search options, handy report.
Very similar to Replacer (see below) but less powerful. But quicker.
Unfortunately, this great program cannot work with multiline text, but the rest is very nice — handy and quick. It remembers typed strings and there is a combo box where you can quickly select the strings that were entered before, like the address bar of MSIE.
The shortcomings: Ctrl+X is assigned to exit though this is widely used for cutting; not all the parameters can be seens with the 800×600 reslution, the program does not remember the last used folder and keeps hiding in the tray which may be handy but not for this program; wildcards are not supported like MS Word ^? for any character, ^p for the carriage return, etc. But, such as it is, the program can save a lot of your time and it is free.
There is a minor bug: the number of files is shown fewer than the actual number by 4.
This program that is quite raw now can work with multiline text blocks and shows the text of the selected file.
Search and Replace
Like XChanger and Advanced Replacer, this program can work with multiline text (though it is not handy), but has no batch replacement.
The distinction of this program is that it can process compressed (archived) files.
Many bugs, just beginning. But free.
This program can perform batch replacement and save your replacement preferences for future use. It is convenient if you often have to replace the same things. Or if you type a lot and make the same mistakes. If you do not use MS Word or another editor with an autocorrect function, you can compile your autocorrect file, type carelessly and run XChanger in your work folder instead of manual editing.
The program can process multiline text but not directly: you use special symbols like #13 for carriage return (check the corresponding option in the program settings).


Powerful software for viewing and removing fonts.
The Font Thing
Handy program. You can view, instal and uninstal fonts.


This small notepad is always at hand when you want to put down an idea, phone number or edit short text, remember a long URL — whatever requires a text window but launching WordPad does not fit. You can assign a hot key (I, for one, use F1 as I have no use for this key), create as many pages as you like and do not care to save them. The icon can be shown in the system tray.

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