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My name is Igor. I come from the city of Odessa in the south of Ukraine, which is in Eastern Europe (part of the Former Soviet Union also known as the Commonwealth of Independent States), but I no longer live in that town. I was born on 29 November, 1972 at the same place. From 1992 through 1996 I studied at Odessa State University, majoring in physics.

My hobbies include languages, computers, bodybuilding, short wave radio (as a listener to international radio stations, first of all the BBC) and also girls. I know English very well (I studied it on my own) and work as a translator. I study German and I think that I will study French some day.

You can learn more about me from my autobiography, and also from my resume.
If you wish to get in touch with me, see how to do it.
If you wonder, you could read some info about my site.

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