1st Calculator
It is the best calculator I know. If you check the Load at Startup option it will load automatically and dwell in the system tray. You can call it any time with your mouse or a hot key that can be assigned. There are a few skins, a list of physical constants and mathematical functions. You can convert basic units such as inches to meters, etc. Use Shift+Enter to copy the result to the edit line.
SN Calculator
Very nice calculator, a worthy replacement for the standard Windows one.
Wise Calculator
This sophisticated calculator allows you to make complex calculations and see the history and edit it.
When I downloaded version 4 it demanded borlndmm.dll.
Invisible Calculator
An interesting calculator. You cannot see it unless you press Ctrl+NumLock. Then it will sum the clipboard contents if it is a math expression and replace it with the result.
If you need to convert rare units that 1st Calculator does not have you can use this small handy application.
The program contains 36 tabs according to units categories (speed, viscosity, etc.), 979 units altogether. It can update its databse online.
Currency Converter
Something that the two above programs lack is something that you always lack. Sorry for the pun. Currency Converter can fix it well not what you thought; all it can do is convert between over two hundred world currencies. I mainly use the program as news source: it can update its database online and you can see the dynamics of a currency rate change.
BK Periodic Library
If you ever need Mendeleyevs periodic system of elements, this is the best program to use. Absolutely full data on each element, search function, etc.
It can sum and calculate hours, minutes, seconds. You may need it if you want to calculate the length of your MP3 files that you want to copy to a musical CD.
Another time converter.
World Time
You can find out what time it is in a lot of cities worldwide.
Check if the barcode is genuine and which country the goods are from.
Matrix calculations.

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