Online Dictionaries

If you cannot find a rare word in any dictionary, it makes sense to look for it on the Web. Links to some 200 various online dictionaries are collected on this page. Many of them allow you to enter the word to look up right here. This collection is being enlarged.

Longman Web Dictionary
Webster Dictionary, 1828
Webster Dictionary, 1913
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
WordCentral.Com — Merriam-Webster
Dictionary.Cambridge.Org — Cambridge dictionaries online
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
The DICT Development Group
Free dictionary, thesaurus and search tool
Free Dictionary
Infoplease Dictionary Search Page
OneLook(r) Dictionaries
The Biggest Online Text Dictionary on the Web  
The Online Plain Text English Dictionary  
Phrasal Verbs  
Glossary of linguistic terms  
New words in English  
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Acronym Lookup
Acronym Finder
Acronyms List  
Alan Cooper’s Homonym List  
UPRR-Environmental Terms Glossary  
Compendium of environmental acronyms  
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center  
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms  
Technical Glossary  
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Universal Switching’s Glossary of Electronic Terms  
BBC E-cyclopedia's Glossary of 2003
Dictionary of Computing
Dictionary of Computing — mirror site
Dictionary of Computing — mirror site
Dictionary of Computing — mirror site
BABEL Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms  
BABEL Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations — mirror site  
Matisse’s Glossary of Internet Terms  
Hosting Ratings  
NetLingo — dictionary of Internet terms  
NetGlos Internet Glossary  
The New Hacker’s Dictionary  
Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems  
ComputerUser.Com High-Tech Dictionary
TechDictionary — the online computer dictionary  
Mathematical Programming Glossary  
Pilots glossary  
NASA Thesaurus  
Satellite Dictionary  
Encyclopedia of Water Terms  
Dorlands Medical Dictionary  
Glossary of medical terms  
Medical Dictionary
Dictionary of Cell Biology
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
Dictionary of law 1893  
Duhaime’s Law Dictionary  
Contingency Analysis  
Glossary of Insurance and Financial Planning Terms  
Fannie Mae’s Glossary of Estate & Mortgage Terms  
Investment Glossary  
International Trade Dictionary  
Supply Abbreviations  
Glossary of Ship Terms  
Boating Basics Glossary of Terms  
The Rap Dictionary  
Guitar Nine Glossary of Terms  
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names  
Words of Art Glossary  
College Slang Research Project Dictionary  
Glossary Of Hobo Terms  
Russian Women Glossary — typical errors in dating ads  
British Sl@ng  
Prison Slang  
Detective Stories Glossary  
Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words  
Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade  
Dictionary of Street Drug Slang Terms  
Drug Terms Dictionary
The Alternative English Dictionary  
Skeptic’s Dictionary
Baruch’s Slang Collection — Slang Search
The Best of British. British American Dictionary.  
United Kingdom English for the American Novice  
British English Translated For Americans — University of Tampere  
The American·British Dictionary
The British·American Dictionary
British — American English  
British, Canadian and American Vocabulary  
Common words in British and American English  
American-English / English-American Translation Guide  
English to English  
Intro to American English References  
Selected Vocabulary Differences Between British and American English  
Spelling differences between British and American English  
Words that could be confusing & embarrassing in the UK & US  
WWlib — Notes on American English  
Railway Technical Web Pages — US and UK Terminology — The Differences  
British National Corpus
London Slang Page  
Dictionary of Manchester Slang  
Everyday English and Slang in Ireland  
A dictionary of slang and colloquialisms of the UK  
British Car Terms  
Newbury House Dictionary of American English
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Dictionary of American Regional English  
Wicked Good Guide to Boston English  
Vietnam Veteran’s Terminology and Slang  
Common American Slang Expressions  
Star-Spangled Site — Commonly-Used American Slang  
American Slanguages  
American Idioms  
Why do Texuns tawk funny?  
Koalanet — Australian slang  
Macquarie Dictionary
Feather Foot’s Aussie Slang Page  
Kev’s Down-Under Dictionary  
Dictionary of Australian Slang and Sayings  
Larry’s Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary  
Australian slang glossary  
New Zealand Expressions  
The South Pacific Dictionary  

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