My Photos

in the chronological order (click to enlarge):

I looked like that 13 years ago In a plant where I translated this Englishman who had come to mount a furnace

This is my friend
In a restaurant In Kiev Monastery In the Austrian Alps In Vienna. Der Stephansdom is far in the background
The biggest man there is myself :-) Odessa My German friend. We are both angry because it is the third photo taken and either of us blinked when the two first were taken I am flyyyyying!.. Well, is DiCaprio any better? Though, backward but on the other hand it is not the Titanic but the Valeanna! Great wooden hut, isn’t it? You can trust me (if you don’t — beware!) that the Afalina did not run aground and did not sink
At Hersoness excavations close to Sevastopol… In Sudak, the Crimea When we work, we are so serious, even important… Trying to set up a network… Well I am a lamer, but Billy is gay too… What? Missed ‘ts’ at the end? Me and my fair lady Kiev

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